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The Report on the extra works , shows the completion of the works described earlier and the staff working in the clinic. They have started using the post natal area and will begin deliveries when the resuscitator we bought is delivered from the hospital.

Annie's visit and opening of the Maternity clinic
Slideshow of Annie's pictures - scroll manually.
Picture descriptions:
The Maternity clinic, the linen room, the delivery suite, the first bed in the delivery suite, the sluice room, the drug store, looking through the security gate, the sluice room, the post-natal room,shower and toilet room, examination room, ESCOM finally connecting 2 cables, the trench dug to lengthen the cable, the Water tank, the Clinic staff outside the new clinic,staff with Francis, Fortina in the post-natal room, Fortina wit 3 clinic staff, the post-natal room ready for action, Mums-to-be! - looking serious but really thrilled, Corridor showing the fire hose, the Ante-Natal room, Toilet and Shower toom, Laundry lines with the Placenta pit in the background, the Water tank, the Vandalised tap.

Mr Mpoola had informed us that the Maternity clinic would become operational when ESCOM had connected up the electricity to the clinic. This still had not been done by the time our colleague, Annie Bowen Wright, a trained mid-wife, arrived on her two week visit to work and help out with health and maternity matters in Chimteka. This is Annie's third visit and, as reported to me by Francis, she worked day and night and achieved a huge amount. Her meeting with the ESCOM engineer highlighted problems - the connecting cable was too short, the fuse wires were not connected but all was fixed wthin a few days. The clinic had been locked up for some weeks, I shall include some of the comments in Annie's report on thr new Maternity.

"It looked amazing! Unfortunately, after sitting idle for some time, everything was covered with a thick layer of red dust. Francis and I spent a whole morning cleaning it and then Fortina’s cleaning ladies finally appeared and finished it for us. I put away all the linen in the various cupboards in the linen room and checked the medical supplies against the list you had given me. Apart from one baby blanket, it was all correct . ."

"Outside, a group of pregnant women were intrigued by the clinic and we invited them in for a conducted tour. They were so excited and delighted with what they saw. I hope my photos will do the clinic justice. "

The staff moved into the clinic on the 5th September.

Irene Westbury RIP
It is with great sadness I record the passing of Irene in her home in the USA. She had left her recent post with VMM in Zomba, Blantyre to return home to her son and only a short time later passed away in her sleep on 14th August.
She did a wonderful job for CCS since taking up her post as VM in August, 2014. She oversaw the completion of all our unfinished projects and had a passionate interest in the success of our last project, the construction of the Maternity clinic, which has been well reported here. Without Irene, and her great knowledge of the area and the people living there, we would not have been able to complete this work. I was in touch with her almost daily at times from Sutton while planning the various steps, which continued even when she no longer worked for us.
She will be deeply missed by her family, and many friends in the Mchinji area and elsewhere.
For seven weeks after the completion of the building, we have been striving to have the architect of the MoH visit the Maternity clinic in order to co-sign the completion. This was achieved and on the 12th July 2016, the new acting DHO, Dr Emmanuel Mpoola and the DC (District Controller), Richard Hara, signed the Handover agreement with CCS. Irene had been tirelessly working towards this end and delightedly signed on our behalf.
CCS also agreed to have extra work done, not previously agreed, namely: building an ash pit and a security fence around the incinerator and placenta pit and changing sockets; we hope to raise more funds to help with this unexpected but important extra, for which we have not budgeted. Peter will arrange this with the contractor.
We also agreed to fund, with donations fom generous sponsors, extra equipment - one resuscitator a sterilisong unit and 11 steriliser pails. May
The Final Report The assessment was made that the works on the building were ready for provisional/practical acceptance subject to completion of a snag list of 6 items, as seen in the report. The contractor has since completed this list satisfactorily.
This Slideshow shows pictures of the finished Maternity - scroll manually.
The Eighth Report There have been delays for a number of reasons, such as: change of specification and request for a new material to be imported by MoH and late request for consruction of external features. Finishing date followed by Handover is due at end of April now.
This Slideshow shows some of the interior of the Maternity clinic - scroll manually.
The Seventh Report describes the works as being 95% completed with date of completion around the end of March.
This Slideshow contains pictures taken in February - scroll manually.
The Sixth Report describes the completed work:
Internal: Joinery and Fittings; Doors and Glazing; Electrical and Plumbing; Painting and Decorating.
External: Storm water drainage and foul drainage.
This Slideshow contains pictures taken from mid-November to January - scroll down manually to view.
The Fifth Report shows the structure of the Maternity is now complete with work ongoing on the interior i.e. plastering, flooring, glazing, ceiling installation and fixing the electrical, plumbing and carpentry works. The contractors are taking a two week break for Christmas.
The Fourth Report on the construction of the new Maternity block shows the roof virtually complete and work started on the next phase with orders being placed before the Christmas holidays.
This Slideshow contains pictures taken from the start of the project in July to mid-November and depicts each stage of the process. Really worth watching!! scroll down manually to view.
The Third Report on the construction of the new Maternity block, sees the roof in place.
The Second Report on the construction of the new Maternity block also shows great progress.
This Slideshow shows pictures from the start of building in mid-July It is good to see that the builder intends to have the roof in place to secure the site before the rains come.
The First Report on the construction of the new Maternity block describes the work carried out in the first month by the builder DHB Contractors. Everything goes well. James has settled into the volunteer house and is diligently performing his duties as Clerk of Work, handling the daily tasks on site and reporting to Peter.
This Slideshow shows pictures from the start of building in mid July (scroll to view)
Also view in Facebook .
Having made the preliminary payments to DHB, work began on the site two days before the official start date.
Four tenders were submitted but the costs proved too great for the available funds. DHB building contractors was selected from the four tenders and Peter and Irene negotiated reduced costs with DHB and MOH. A renewed effort was made by the Directors to raise funds and thanks to a number of generous contributions from sponors, we were able to decrease our shortfall sufficiently to go ahead. Peter drew up the contract, which was signed, with a starting date of 15th July 2015.
Great progress had been made by the team in Malawi and CCS at home. MOU was negotiated with Arthur Chipeko of the MOH, the DHO and public services and Peter sent out a document for tender to four of the building contractors recommended by MOH. Irene introduced us to James Jerani who would be qualified to work under Peter as Clerk of Works on the building site. This satisfied the requirements of the deadline and let us continue.
Slideshow - Opening Celebrations - Scroll Photos Slideshow - Beds and Curtains - Scroll Photos
The Hostel was opened for girl boarders in September 2014 and is proving very popular and a great success. CCS has received letters from headmaster, teachers and pupils containing great commendations on the quality of the building and for what it means to the girls. Slideshows of these events can be viewed in Education. It had been decided, on Irene's recommendation, to buy 80 mattresses and mosquito nets to be used on the bunk beds in the dormitories and to have curtains made up by the tailor for privacy. See Slideshow of the Construction
We had to abandon the last plan intended for the construction of the Maternity Clinic and now hope to go ahead with a plan given to us by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Our VM, Irene Westbury, and consultant engineer Peter Phiri are in negotiations with the MOH over the procedures to be followed. We hope to put a time limit of the end of March to see the project well underway.
Annie Bowen-Wright, a nurse, travelled from England on another three-week trip to bring much needed medical equipment for the Chiosya clinic and to work with Mid-wife Fortina delivering babies and other medical issues. The clinic has been declared by the Government as being Not Fit for Purpose.
Building of Classroom Blocks
The people of Chimteka have been engaged in making bricks and doing the preliminary building of 2 new classroom blocks for the existing Primary school in th central village. However, they requested funds to finish this project. It was decided by the committee that, CCS would consider giving about 1-2 thousand euro, dependent upon a list given by Francis of requirements –this to be taken out of the 500K MK from the sale of the car. However, the people themselves should lead this project, listing their needs.
Report November 2014, Peter Phiri
The girls' hostel is virtually complete and ready for hand over.

Report November 2013, Peter Phiri - progress on building the girls' hostel and plans maternity wing. . .
Report August 2013, Peter Phiri - progress on building the girls' hostel and plans maternity wing. . .
Plans for a new Maternity Hospital
Catherine Paulin (Director of CCS) conducted extensive research before finalising the plans with a view to submitting for approval from all concerned. In her deliberations were plans from the District Health officer and Brothers construction, who have done all our building work in Malawi. Coupled with this was in depth consultation with the mid-wife and staff of Chiosya Clinic, who conduct all the deliveries. There is dire need for a new, small hospital to cater for a cachement of 26,000 people, as can be heard from our Video clips of visits to Chimteka under "Interview with Fortina, mid-wife at Chiosya Clinic".
Report May 2013, Peter Phiri - progress on building the girls' hostel . . .

Report January 2013, Peter Phiri - progress on building the girls' hostel . . .

Report July 2012, Peter Phiri - progress on building the girls' hostel . . .

Report September 2012, Peter Phiri - progress on building the girls' hostel . . .


Final plans for the hostel for Secondary School girls.

The grant application for the construction of a girls' hostel to Miseain Cara was submitted this week and thanks to John's perseverance and tenacity the title deeds included; it is hard to believe that it has taken 2 years to get a document like this.
Catherine, a committee member and architect has submitted her latest plan for a hostel, catering for up to 120 girls. This will be on the site of the secondary school in Chimteka. Some girls have to travel up to 12 kms to get to school and arrangements to put them up have been unsatisfactory to date. There are so few plans for girls hostels it will be great to have a design that could potentially be replicated by other organizations or a “model” hostel. The plan has general agreement and is currently being submitted for costing. The Dineen Chimteka trust, set up by parents of Woldingham school pupils in England, in honour and memory of the founder of CCS, Dr Phil Dineen Riordan, has most generously raised funds to facilitate this project.
The programme has begun to refurbish classrooms in Chimteka Full primary school.
2009 and earlier

The Phil Dineen Multipurpose hall

Different stages of building the community hall - from making bricks to the completed building

Pictures show the pre-school being built and one of the classrooms. It has been successsfully completed a number of years now, while the building of another pre-school in one of the outlying villages was facilitated in 2009 by provision of materials and help from our volunteers.

Learn more of the Education of the children.

Chimteka II Junior Primary School
This Primary has been recently built by the Scottish Charity, "Eleven to 1" and comprises 4 classrooms.
A Quotation was supplied by 2 local carpenters to build 35 benches
The Full Primary School
The renovated classrooms

In the Full primary school, two of the classroom blocks (4 classrooms) have been renovated by CCS with the walls painted and minor repairs to concrete floors. Accessibility to the classrooms has been improved with the installation of ramps. The remaining 3 classroom blocks (6 classrooms) are in the process of being renovated by CCS; all need painting and accessibility improved, plus 4 of the classrooms need minor repairs to the concrete floor. The Standard 6 classroom had previously been utilised as a girls hostel but this is no longer the case with pupils from further afield finding lodgings within Chimteka Trading Centre. There is great need for a girls' hostel to be built.
There are 220 extra desks are to be built for the classrooms, pending quotations.
Teachers' Houses
These have been built by CCS to house the 4 new teachers for the new Primary School. This was part of the negotiation CCS had with the government to obtain the teachers.

Volunteer Houses
The plan of the volunteer house shows housing for 4 potential residents. It was finished in February 2010 and will serve for accommodation for our volunteers during the working week. It is situated in the centre of Chimteka, as shown on the map.

Chiosya Clinic
1 2
1. Chiosyia Health clinic serves a population of about 25,000 people.
2. The already fragile and inadequate structure has been devastated by storms.
There is great need for extension and improvement of these circumstances. CCS is engaged in talks with the Malai government to this end and in applying for grants from Irish agencies to fund same.

Maize Mill
Another building put up by CCS where villagers mill the maize they grow.

  Maize mill building                                  Church storing maize

Work on Chimteka Roads is ongoing.

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