Very important to our work in Chimteka are:

  • Irene Westbury, who was diverted from her work as a VM in Sierra Leone by VMM, to work as General Manager in Chimteka in August 2014. She has been given an extension to her contract by VMM to be with us until the end of March, 2015. She has managed the completion of many of our projects during the first part of her tenure. For the rest of her time, her priority will be to negotiate both with the Ministry of Health in Malawi and our consultant engineer who is managing the construction of a Maternity Clinic in Chiosya. She will also manage the funds CCS has allocated to help the people of Chimteka build two more classrooms for the Primary School.
    Irene has great experience working in the area surrounding Chimteka with expertise incuding co-ordinating, managing and advising people and projects, working in Lesotho before that.

  • Evelyn Huizinga who delivers clinics and workshops every Saturday in Chimteka for people living with disabilities
  • Annie Bowen Wright, a nurse by profession, who visited Chimteka for the third time in November 2014 and brings supplies and works in the Chiosya health clinic.
  • Our 4 core volunteers, the Directors of CCS based in Ireland.
  • Nico and Amandine Paulin for their continued support in the design and production of our newsletters
  • The volunteers, sponsors and supportees of the: Spring lunch, Table Quiz, Food fest at Sutton Park School and collection at St. Fintanís Parish
  • A special thanks to VMM, Miseain Cara, Electric Aid, Grant Reddy (our auditors), Bank of Ireland staff 3rd World Fund, and Dineen Chimteka Trust
  • Previous Volunteer Managers

  • Daniel Neilon is a graduate in Geography with a Masters in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He started a 6 month mission in Chimteka in April 2013. He was primarily involved in updating the area development plan for Chimteka, preparing applications for funding for the development of the maternity unit at Chiosya Health Centre, conducting some monitoring and evaluation as well as implementing some projects targeting the Chimteka Youth Group.
  • Daniel had previously worked for VMM supporting NGO programmes internationally followed by administrarive and IT work with the NHS.

  • John Harrison is a graduate in Ecological Resource Management from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. John took up the full-time volunteer position of Area Development Manager in Chimteka from August 2009 to March 2011. Johnís practical agricultural skills and experience as well as his general
  • business acumen were of great benefit in developing the agriculture and general enterprise in Chimteka. His depth of experience in various African countries helped him hit the ground running.

  • Grace MacLean was also sponsored to CCS by VMM in 2009 to replace Brian. She had majored in Biological Sciences and subsequently worked as a dietician. Her priority was to to study the malnutrician and illness of young children in the villages, in collusion with the Health Centre in Chiosya.

  • Brian was very qualified when he came to us in 2008, courtesy of VMM. Along with a Masters in Humanitarian Studies (Primary in Human Geography and Sociology) he had training including Project Management and Funding and Financial Management.This marked an escalation in the work of CCS. With involvement and planning from the Board of CCS with Brian, we entered a new phase of Project development and partnership with CVAOCC, the organisation in Chimteks, workinf with us to help the whole community but especially rhe orphans and underprivileged.

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