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The Chimteka village group itself consists of 21 individual villages, spread across a 100sq. km area. It is situated 120 km west of the capital Lilongwe, near the border with Zambia; the last 20km are rough red dirt roads. Chimteka is part of the Traditional Authority of Simphasi (STA Simphasi), in Mchinji district.

The total population of Chimteka is 6,233; out of this population there are 1239 households, 116 elderly headed households, 8 child headed households and 1113 orphans - the majority of the orphans are integrated with other households. Around 14-20% of the population would have HIV(Aids). The people are of the Chechewe tribe and speak that language. They are a friendly, laid back and non-violent people. Each of the 21 villages has its own chief with an overall manager Mr Francis Phiri, who greatly helps in the running of the charity.

In 2004, Chimteka Children Support was founded by the late Dr. Phil Dineen, in the parish of Sutton in Dublin, Ireland. There are currently three Directors of the Board.

In depth information is found in the Strategic Plan, 2012 - 2015 , the CCS Report 2014-2015 and the Chimteka Area Development Plan 2010-2013.

Registered Charity Number: CHY 16197
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