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Archives - Reports 2013

    Report-January 2013, Francis Phiri
    Report-March 2013, Francis Phiri
    Report-May 2013, Dan Neilon

    Report-January 2013 Francis Phiri

    There has been a terrible disaster at the Chioshya health centre. On the evening of 12/01/13 around 19:02hrs, the heavy rains and the wind blew off the roof of the health centre. The Drug store; the Maternity Clinic; the Outpatient department; rooms for dressing wounds, HIV/counselling and children under-five are all on fire. Almost the whole building is effected by the heavy rains and storm. CVACC and communities around Chioshya and the working staff had to rescue the new born babies and the medicine; there was water in the Drug store. Electricity in some of the open rooms is not working as well. This is the worst ever. Clients have been sent back home without being attended and all the work has stopped.

    In the meantime the office of the District Health Officer has been informed about the matter. They have not yet come as I am sending these photos.

    Since this report, CCS has been in touch with Francis and Chimteka. A number of solutions were put forward, including using the Community Hall in Chimteka as a temporary clinic or using property (as yet unfinished) available to th DHO (District Health Officer). The solution finally agreed was that the village chiefs would put up the required money to fix the roof and redeem the damage. It is currently back in use, but the degree of refurbishment is still to be determined and "it highlights the need for the new maternity clinic to be constructed as soon as possible."