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    News from Board of Chimteka Children Support, Sutton, Dublin.
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    After returning from a VMM conference for volunteer missioners in Uganda from 10-12 December, John had a lot to do before departing on the 19th for a Christmas visit to his home in Newcastle, England. He was just in time to facilitate a visit to Chimteka by journalist Dr. Deirdre Mulrooney from Ireland. Deirdre recently became the recipient of a Simon Cumbers Media Fund Award. (

    She is currently in Southern Malawi working with a team of engineers from Dublin on an important project sponsored by Irish Aid. She was included in John's busy schedule which included arrangements for a children’s Christmas party, with emphasis on orphans and vulnerable children. CCS has been making provision for these parties over the last few years.

    Last Year it involved decorating the hall; food preparations of gift bags for the children containing rice, sugar, salt, biscuits and a small bar of soap; purchasing a few pigs, goats and chickens plus maize, rice and vegetables and groceries etc. There were approx. 500 beneficiaries of the party. We look forward to reports on this year's party.

    Before returning to Chimteka, John is to visit Sutton for the week-end of 13/15 January 2012 to share news and views with the committee and supporters in Sutton. If anyone would like to meet John, please contact a committee member.

    At this time of year we are reflecting over the events of the year which have been very rewarding. There has been a lot of planning, applying for grants, prioritising of projects, networking both in Ireland and Malawi to share experiences and knowledge, fund-raising, visits by Committee and others to Chimteka and much more. Our website is very transparent and we try to present what we have done for all to see. We will also have a new Spring brochure printed.

    We are deeply grateful and thankful to all (parish, children and adults) who have helped us in these endeavours which include the giving of time, donations, advice and media coverage (RTE and a Swords local paper); also to those organizations who invite us to talk about our work and Chimteka.

    With all this in mind the committee of Chimteka Children Support wishes everyone in Chimteka and Ireland most sincerely:

    A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2012