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The above pictures show general living conditions in a Chimteka village.

All 1239 households in Chimteka use firewood as their source of energy. None have access to charcoal, parafin, electricity, gas or other sources of energy. There is great poverty but a lot of progress is being made in the living conditions; ecological stoves and and lighting are much needed in the households and are on the projects list of CCS.

The government has brought electricity to within 2 kms of Chimteka. In 2010 CCS connected electricity to the Chiosya Health centre (serving a cachement of 30,000 people) and by 2013 the Primary and Secondary school were connected up. Solar energy is effective for use in the community hall.

The first borehole was built by UNICEF. By 2009, CCS had built another 14 boreholes and repaired 3. In 2011, a total of 21 boreholes had been built providing clean water at short distances to all the 21 villages.

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